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The website http://daiva-collections.com  is produced by GB COLLECTIONS SARL, a corporation with equity of €7 000 registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under registration number 80244037000012, whose registered office is 10 rue Gustave Doré, 75017 Paris, France.
Director of publication : Gloria BINOCHE.
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The use of the website http://daiva-collections.com implies the complete acceptation of the terms of use presented here.

GB COLLECTIONS may occasionally amend certain provisions in their terms of use.

GB COLLECTIONS disclaims all responsibility:
- for any interruption to the site;
- for any glitches; 
- for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party leading to amended information available on the site.


The site may include links to other websites or other Internet sources.

Insofar as GB COLLECTIONS cannot control these sites and external sources, GB COLLECTIONS shall not be held responsible for the availability of these sites and external sources, and accepts no responsibility for the content, advertising, products, services or any other materials on or available from such sites or external sources.

In addition, GB COLLECTIONS shall not be held responsible for any damage or resultant loss, whether proven or alleged, or in connection with the use thereof, or from having trusted the content, goods or services available from such sites or external sources.


The site and any necessary software used in connection with the site may contain confidential information protected by current intellectual property laws or any other law.

Thereby, unless otherwise indicated, the intellectual property rights on the documents contained within the site, and all elements created for this site, are the exclusive property of GB COLLECTIONS.

This does not grant any license or any right other than visiting the site.

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Any reproduction or use of copies made for any other purpose is expressly prohibited. It is also illegal to copy, modify, create derivative works, reverse the design or assembly, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code (except as provided by law), sell, assign, sub-license or transfer in any manner whatsoever any right pertaining to the software.

Similarly, it is also forbidden to modify the software or to use modified versions of the software including (but not exclusively) to obtain unauthorized access to the service and to access the site by means other than the interface that is provided to you by GB COLLECTIONS.

Please note that GB COLLECTIONS owns the brand names Daïva Collections, which is regularly filed with the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

The user acknowledges the exclusive rights on the brand name Daïva Collections, and is prohibited from any use of this brand name, and more generally from infringing any intellectual property rights of GB COLLECTIONS.

GB COLLECTIONS reserves the right to seek damages for any infringement and general breach of its intellectual property rights.


The aim of our personal data protection charter is to provide you with information about :

  • personal data which is collected or processed while you are using the DAÏVA COLLECTIONS website(“Site”).  
  • the way in which your personal data is used and protected,
  • your rights concerning your personal data
  • How to contact us to exercise your rights.


Some personal data is necessary in order to provide you with our products and services.

This is particularly the case when :

  • you make a purchase, you contact our customer service,
  • you ask to receive communications,
  • you create an account
  • you use our website.

This personal data includes :

  • contact details, including your name, email, telephone number and delivery and billing address ;
  • user and account information, including your passwords and unique user ID ;
  • personal information, including your date of birth and your purchase history ;
  • payment or credit card information ;
  • data concerning your clothing size ;
  • personal preferences, including your wish list, your marketing preferences and your cookie preferences.

While you are using our website, some data is automatically collected from your internet browser. 

Information regarding this data can be found in our cookie policy charter » hereunder.  This data includes cookies, IP addresses, data identifiying your internet browser and its version and web tags.


When using our website, we signal in due time the required information or in certain cases, we obtain your consent before collecting your data. 

Your consent can be recorded via the website.


We use your personal data for the following purposes:

To enable you to use our website and our services

When using our website, we use your personal data to provide the product or service requested. 

If you make a purchase on our website, or if you ask to receive our promotions, we will use your contact details to give you information about your purchase or about our promotions.

If you contact our customer service, we will use information about you, such as delivery or payment information, or information about the product you purchased, in order to help you resolve your problem or answer your question.

In order to use certain features on our website, it is sometimes necessary to provide us with additional data or further consent to use the data for specific purposes. 

To enable you to receive information about our products and our events

Once you create an account, we send you marketing communications and news about our products, services, events and other promotions at Daïva Collections. 

Please note that you can unsubscribe at any time to object to the processing of your personal data.

If you are a Daïva Collections client (for example, if you have made a purchase in store or on our website), we can use your contact information to send you marketing communications about similar Daïva Collections products or services.

We can use the information you give us, as well as other Daïva Collections products and services information – such as your site usage, your visits or purchases made in Daïva Collections stores, in order to send you personalised communications about products and services which may be of interest to you. 

To help us manage and improve the functioning of our website and our services

We use your personal data for the functioning of our website, for example, when you make a purchase, your data is used for accounting and audit purposes and other internal uses.

We can also use your personal data regarding the way in which you use our website and our services, in order to improve your user experience as well as to help us detect technical problems and to manage our website.

To help us understand your behaviour and preferences better

We use data regarding the way in which you use our website to :

  • understand your behaviour and your preferences, such as the data regarding the way in which you search and find our products
  • understand the best ways to organise and present our product offers on our website and in our store windows.

Legal basis for the processing of your personal data

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data depends on the conditions in which you are lead to provide your data

  • When you buy our products via our website, we need your personal data to process your order, such as your payment and contact information, to be able to deliver your order.
  • In other cases, the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interests as a company or in compliance with a legal obligation.


Daïva Collections shares your personal data with:

  • Daïva Collections entities for specific purposes and under the aforementioned conditions. 
  • Third-party service providers carrying out the processing of personal data on behalf of Daïva Collections, for example payments and credit cards; shipments and deliveries; data hosting, administration and management; email distribution; research and analysis; brand management and product promotions as well as the management of certain services and features. When we use the services of third-party providers, we enter into contracts which require them to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data. 
  • Other third parties in the event that it's necessary to: (i) comply with a legal or administrative request or in accordance with the law; (ii) prevent unlawful uses of our website; (iii) defend us against third-party claims; and (iv) provide our assistance in fraud prevention.


We use different organisational and technical security measures to ensure the security of your personal data.

The personal data we collect on our website or in store is stored within the European Union.

Your personal data is stored for as long as necessary in accordance with each defined purpose aforementioned and within the limits defined by the law.

As a general rule, we store your personal data for as long as you keep your Daïva Collections account.

With regard to personal data relative to your purchases, we store them for a longer period in order to comply with legal obligations, in particular, tax matters. 


Please note that you have the right at any time to ask for :

  • access to your data;
  • an electronic copy of your data;
  • the rectification of your data if it is incomplete or inaccurate ;
  • the erasure or restriction of your data.

In the event that you have given us your consent for data processing, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

If you would like to exercise any of your rights, please contact us at the following email address : contact@daiva-collections.com

If you have a Daïva Collections account, you can change your preferences with regard to our communications.

You can also opt out from receiving our communications by email or SMS, by clicking on the unsubscribe link or by following the subscription cancellation instructions included in our messages.


Daïva Collections collects data, which can include personal data, from your browser while you are using our website.

Cookies and tags are used to collect this data, which can include your (i) IP address ; (ii) unique ID cookie, information cookies and information about the content of the material used to access certain features ; (iii) unique user ID of the material and type of material ; (iv) domain, browser type and language ; (v) operating and configuration system ; (vi) country and time zone ; (vii) previously visited websites ; (viii) information about your actions on our website, such as your behaviour concerning clicks, purchases and preferences ; and (ix) access hours and reference URLS.

Please note third parties, such as Google, can also collect data from our website via cookies, third-party modules or widgets.

These third parties collect data directly from your browser and the processing of this data is subject to their own personal data protection charters.  

We use cookies and tags to follow the terms of use of our website, to understand your preferences (like country and language), to provide services and to improve your experience online.

We also use cookies and tags to obtain general information about your interactions and the website traffic, and to identify trends and obtain statistics in order to improve our website.

Three categories of cookies are generally used on our website :

  • Functional cookies : These cookies are necessary for the basic functioning of the website and are therefore always active. This includes cookies which enable you to be recognised while you are visiting our website during the same session or, if you wish, from one session to the next. They enable you to create your shopping basket and set up the payment procedure but also to ensure interchange security and compliance with regulations.
  • Performance cookies : These cookies allow us to improve the website features by following their use. In certain cases, these cookies enable us to improve the speed at which we process your request and to keep the preferences you have selected. Disabling cookies can lead to less relevant recommendations and can slow down the website performance.
  • Social networking and advertising cookies : Social networking cookies give you the opportunity to log in to your social networks and share content from our website on your social networks. Advertising cookies (from third parties) collect information that can adapt adverts better towards your fields of interest, both on our website and elsewhere. In some cases, these cookies require personal data processing. Disabling these cookies can lead to unsuitable adverts being displayed or can prevent an effective connection to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks and/or prevent you sharing content on your social networks.

You can choose to be alerted by your computer every time a cookie is sent, or you can choose to disable all cookies.

This can all be done by accessing your internet browser settings on each of your devices.

As each browser is different, you should check the "Help"  menu of your browser to fully understand how to change the cookie settings.

If you disable cookies, access to content on our website can be less efficient and some of our services will not be able to function correctly.


In the event of an update of our personal data protection charter, we will publish information regarding the changes on our website.

In the event of a change in the way we process your personal data, we will warn you in advance or, if applicable, we will ask you beforehand for your authorisation.

We kindly request that you regularly look at our personal data charter and check if any changes have been introduced.

This personal data protection charter was last updated in May 2018.

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