GB COLLECTIONS (as defined in Article 1 below), operating under Daïva Collections trademark, offers high-end ready-to-wear items and accessories for sale on its website

In order to offer for sale, sell and deliver its products, GB COLLECTIONS collects personal data from users of its website and its customers when purchasing from physical sales outlets.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform users of the means used to collect, access, process and store users' personal data.

GB COLLECTIONS, as controller, undertakes to comply with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data.

The customer is informed that certain data must be collected by GB COLLECTIONS in order to perform its services. If the customer does not wish to disclose this data, GB COLLECTIONS will not be able to perform its services.

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") may be modified at any time by GB COLLECTIONS, in particular in order to comply with any regulatory, jurisprudential, editorial or technical changes. The user must refer to the latest version of the Policy before browsing.

1. Controller

The controller, who collects the personal data and implements the data processing operations, is:
GB COLLECTIONS, SARL UNIPERSONNELLE with a share capital of 7000€, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 802 440 370, having its registered office at 45 ter rue des Acacias in Paris (75017), France.

2. Collection of personal data

GB COLLECTIONS collects users' personal data on the website

The personal data that may be collected are as follows :

  - user account data: the data provided by the User when creating an account by filling in the registration form (name, surname, billing and delivery postal addresses, email address, mobile phone number, password for connecting to the customer account);
  - personal data of the user when he/she enters it in his/her customer account: date of birth, clothing and shoe size;
  - transaction data: means the data that the user provides when making purchases, information relating to orders placed and returned items such as telephone number, address, e-mail address and information relating to payment method;
  - exchanges with customer service;
  - browsing data: refers to the data collected by the Publisher while the User is browsing the Website and the Applications, such as the date, time of connection and/or browsing, browser type, browser language, IP address, location data and geolocation.

The data relating to the payment method (credit card number, expiry date, authorization number, security code) are collected directly by our service providers Mercanet and Paypal.

Third-party providers of applications, tools, gadgets and plug-ins on our website and mobile application, as well as the networks on which we publish editorial and promotional content (such as Facebook and Instagram) may also use automated, context-based and interest related means to collect user data (interactions with functions and profiling of the online activity). This data is collected directly by such providers and/or third parties and is subject to their policies. To the extent permitted by applicable law, GB COLLECTIONS is not responsible for the practices of such service providers and third parties.

Some of the services may be altered or inaccessible if consent to the collection of the data mentioned in this Privacy Policy is not granted.

3. Purposes of the collection of personal data 

Data collected in connection with the use of the website are processed for the purposes described in the table below.

The regulations in force protect the privacy of users and require any controller to be able to provide legitimate grounds for such processing. The regulations thus provide, among the legal bases for treatment, the following:

  - performance of an agreement to which the relevant person is a party, such as a sales contract. For example, certain personal data of the customer is necessary to deliver the item, manage the customer's account and process any returned items;
  - compliance with a legal obligation, in particular an accounting obligation by retaining invoices;
  - prior consent of the relevant person;
  - legitimate interest of the controller, while complying with users' rights and freedoms. For example, improving the customer experience or preventing fraud may justify data collection.


Pruposes of the processing

Use of data

Legal bases for treatment

Management of orders and sales of products and provision of services; management of customer complaints, withdrawals and product returns

Use of data to provide products and services (from shopping cart and orders; sale, return and refund of purchased products)

Fulfilment of the agreement by and between the client and the seller

Carrying out transactions, in particular payment transactions

Our payment providers (Mercanet and Paypal) use the information relating to the payment methods when performing the payment for each order. This data can also be used for the prevention of fraud upon payment of the order and/or management of any unpaid amounts after the order has been placed.

Fulfilment of the agreement by and between the client and the seller

Customer account creation and management

The personal data of a customer registered on the website is used (e-mail address, password)

- Fulfilment of the agreement by and between the client and the seller

- Compliance to legal obligations


Delivery of ordered products

Personal data (contact details, email address) is used to ensure deliveries.

Fulfilment of the agreement by and between the client and the seller

Operating the website and fighting against fraud

Personal data (cookies) is used to update, enhance our Website and fight against Internet fraud

- Fulfilment of the agreement by and between the client and the seller

- Compliance to legal obligations

After-sales support: exchanges with customer service

Personal data is used to interact with customers. As such, the exchanges between customer service and the customer carried out by telephone or chat can be recorded in order to improve the quality of service. Customers may refuse this at any time

Fulfilment of the agreement by and between the client and the seller

Taking part in special events (such as contests, games, random draws, offers) and participating in the loyalty scheme, with the exception of online gambling that is subject to approval by the French Online Gaming Control Authority

Personal data, including purchasing information, is used to manage participation in various special events, as well as the loyalty program

- Fulfilment of the agreement by and between the client and the seller

- Legitimate interest of the controller in order to propose products and services adapted to the needs of clients

Operating, assessing and improving products and services as well as user experience (including developing new products and services, analyzing the customer base; performing data analysis, accounting and auditing), profiling.

Personal data is used to assess and improve products and services, and to improve customer experience, the products and services offered by Benda Bili, through statistical operations and analysis of anonymous customer behavior, and the measurement of website and mobile application traffic

Legitimate interest of the controller in order to propose products and services adapted to the needs of clients

Sending newsletters and special offers subject to the user checking the relevant box indicating his/her acceptance,  when registering for the Services

Personal data is used to inform customers about our products and services and to customize the products offered on social networks.

Legitimate interest of the controller in order to propose products and services adapted to the needs of clients and consent (opt-in)

Analyzing website traffic and frequency, audience metrics, research, statistics, surveys (cookies)

Personal data, including cookies, is collected to understand how the Website and the mobile application are used.

Legitimate interest of the controller in order to propose products and services adapted to the needs of clients and consent (opt-in)

GB COLLECTIONS does not share any personal data for commercial purposes with third parties.

Users may edit their personal data and withdraw their consent at any time by connecting to their customer account.

4. Prestataires ayant accès aux données personnelles des utilisateurs

The personal data collected is transmitted to GB COLLECTIONS service providers, who may process it on behalf of GB COLLECTIONS(processors) and/or on their own behalf (recipients of the data).
The recipients of the data are :
   - Mercanet and Paypal, payment providers
   - any police or administrative authority in connection with judicial requisitions concerning the fight against fraud
   - customs authorities and service providers in the event of delivery abroad.

GB COLLECTIONS processors may have access to data collected for the purpose of:
   - preparing, shipping orders and returning products
   - improving the content of websites and mobile applications
   - technical maintenance and development of GB COLLECTIONS website and internal applications, including entities that perform orders and provide web hosting, information storage, email service providers, as well as analysis services, and tag management, such as Google Analytics. For further details on these analysis services and the opposition procedures, we invite you to refer to the following sites:
- Google Analytics:

GB COLLECTIONS may also share the personal data of customers who have a customer account in its physical outlets. Their access is limited to orders placed by the customer.
5. Users' rights over their personal data

In accordance with Articles 14 to 22 of Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, any natural person using the Daïva Collections website or the mobile application has the right to exercise the following rights:

   - a right of access, rectification and erasure of the data collected,
   - a right to object to the processing of their data
   - a right to the restriction of the processing,
   - a right to the portability of the data collectedthe option to formulate instructions relating to the retention, erasure and transmission of his/her personal data after his/her death in accordance with Article 40-1 of Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978

Lastly, if GB COLLECTIONS detects a violation of personal data likely to create a significant risk to the rights and freedoms of its users, it undertakes to inform the relevant users in the shortest possible time.

Users may exercise all these rights by connecting to their customer account, by contacting customer service at or by ordinary mail to GB COLLECTIONS -  45 TER RUE DES ACACIAS 75017 Paris, France.

Users must enclose proof of identity with their application.
In case of non-response or unsatisfactory response, users may contact the supervisory authority of their country of residence, for France, the CNIL:
6. Data retention period

User data will not be retained beyond the period strictly necessary for the purposes set out herein and in accordance with applicable regulations and laws. In this respect, the data used for canvassing purposes may be retained for a maximum period of 3 years from the termination of the user's account or the last contact with the relevant prospect. User data is deleted upon expiry of storage periods. Nevertheless, the data may be archived beyond the specified periods for the purposes of investigating, establishing and prosecuting criminal offences for the sole purpose of making the data available to the judicial authority, where necessary.

Archiving implies that this data will be anonymized and will no longer be available online but will be extracted and stored on an autonomous and secure medium.

7. Security measures for the personal data collected

In its capacity as data controller, GB COLLECTIONS undertakes to take all necessary measures to preserve the security and confidentiality of the data and, in particular, to prevent it from being altered, distorted or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

GB COLLECTIONS has entered into service agreements with business partners who have extensive expertise in the field of data protection.
All data is hosted in France or in the European Union.

Payment service providers

The payment of the purchases on the website and on the mobile application is carried out either via Paypal, or via the secure platform of our payment provider Mercanet.

Paypal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie is a Luxembourg limited partnership with shares, registered in the Luxembourg Register of Companies under number B118349, having its registered office at 22-24, Boulevard Royal - L-2449 Luxembourg. For further information, Customers may refer to the following website:

GB COLLECTIONS does not have access to customer payment data.

However, users may opt to save their payment card data in their customer account. This data is not stored with GB COLLECTIONS, but with Mercanet and/or Paypal. Users may edit or delete these bank details at any time by connecting to their customer account.

8. Cookies, TAGS and trackers

When browsing our website and the mobile application, information relating to the navigation of the user's terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be saved through files referred to as "Cookies".

A cookie allows tracking the browsing or analyzing user behavior, including:
   - measuring the number of visitors to our website and application, as well as their content;
   - saving customer account information when the user is logged in;
   - saving the shopping cart for 30 minutes;customizing the display of content accessible to the user.

L’utilisateur peut modifier ses préférences en matière de cookies, au travers du logiciel de navigation utilisé :

   - Safari: ,
   - Chrome : ,
   - Firefox: ,
   - Internet Explorer : ,
   - iOS :

Users may also refuse to accept cookies on the follwing website:

9. Social Networks

GB COLLECTIONS official Facebook and Instagram accounts can allow users to post their content. Users are informed that the content published on these social networks may be viewed by any third party, and that greater vigilance is required from users when they provide certain personal data on these sites or applications such as financial data, addresses or any sensitive data. GB COLLECTIONS is in no case liable for any damage caused by third parties as a result of or resulting from the publication of their personal data by users.

10. Links to third-party sites

The website and the application may provide links to websites, applications and services other than those of GB COLLECTIONS, which may be operated by third parties.
GB COLLECTIONS is not responsible for the processing of personal data by these third party websites. Users should consult the relevant personal data protection policies.

12. Data protection officer or personal data manager

GB COLLECTION'S data protection officer or personal data manager ensures compliance with the regulations and rules in force, and must in particular establish records of processing activities involving personal data.
Users may contact GB COLLECTIONS data protection officer or personal data manager at

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